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Dear ATAVI and VCA Members,
Immediate issues, the Protocol PLL at the time shown on the occasion of Tolentino in 2012 and subsequently updated and refined in detail, Volpino's can not enter into force simultaneously in all member nations all 'UMAVI.
Counterparts some foreign clubs have already approved the protocol in full, while others will be able to do as a result of the resolution. 

ATAVI The Board of Directors has therefore decided that the PLL Protocol enters into force in Italy on 1 October 2012. 

The Office of the Secretary will provide the practical details . 
Understand, I do not have the moral obligation that rests on all members ATAVI observance of the Protocol in question.

Fabrizio Bonanno


Having realized that the PLL in the Volpino Italian is the most abundant genetic disease, it is necessary a specific protocol to which all breeders and owners must comply.

1) Pick the saliva of the dog with special kit provided upon request from the laboratory OFA (ORTHOPEDIC FOUNDATION for ANIMALS - USA).

The results of the levy must be in possession of the owner before the dog is used for breeding.
CLEAR / NORMAL = free from disease gene: it can be coupled with either the CLEAR / NORMAL CARRIER with that.
If both parents are CLEAR / NORMAL children are declared CLEAR / NORMAL by parentage but have to take the test.
CARRIER = carrier of a gene of the disease must be coupled only with the CLEAR / NORMAL
The sample for the test should be done by a veterinarian that can ensure the precision of sampling, controlling the microchip of the test subject and sending himself and all related documentation to the laboratory OFFA.

2) Eye examinations for the control of other eye diseases are optional, the ATAVI will provide an updated list of veterinarians authorized by their organizations.
3) ATAVI / UMAVI enter into an agreement designed to reduce costs with the OFA and Vets in their respective countries.

4) All members including the Breeders sign a Code of Ethics, pledging to make pairs according to the following scheme:
- NO CARRIER pair (carrier 1 gene PLL) with another CARRIER;
- PUT INTO PLAY CARRIER only if typical and therefore deemed useful for breeding, thus defined by the Judge specialist in the report of judgment during the Annual Meeting.
The CARRIER allowed to breed for their useful breeding quality will obviously be paired exclusively with CLEAR / NORMAL.
Individuals with PLL obviously NOT be used for breeding.
The Code of Conduct should also be applied in all the member countries all UMAVI.
Non-adherence and application of the Code provides for the reporting of the defaulting member to the Arbitration Board or the Board the ATAVI  and the UMAVI.
To the protocol in question is subject of the exemption for persons who already have the certification issued from the OFFA, which therefore will not have to repeat the test.
The OFFA reports, once made public, will have a value of formality.
The President the ATAVI / UMAVI is responsible for making operational as soon as the protocol in question, after the approval of all the representatives of the UMAVI.

Link to the website of ' OFFA


Implementation Rules

The protocol for the control of the PLL (Primary Lens luxation) = (Primary Lens Luxation, ie the lens of the eye), prepared by the ATAVI (Technical Association of Amateur Italian Volpino), a company specializing the ENCI recognized (National Agency of the Kennel Italian) for the protection of the breed in Italy, which entered into force in Italy for members of the ATAVI same from 1 October 2012, to be applied in a more specific needs of the present "Implementing Regulation", which becomes an integral part of the protocol.

Item 1

A) DNA tests performed prior to October 1, 2012 are deemed to be official, even if carried out in other laboratories other than OFFA. 

B) Pure from October 1, 2012, the DNA test can also be performed in other laboratories, with the OFFA; however ATAVI recommended to maintain it at the OFFA for diagnostic question of uniformity with more simplicity and to facilitate the formation of a database that collects the results. In any case, whatever the laboratory where it is tested, the result will be sent a copy of the official document issued by the laboratory directly to the Secretary of the ATAVI, it will store.

C) The children of parents who are both CLEAR / NORMAL should get tested for confirmation of reason, thus allowing you to monitor the results for future considerations in this regard. This procedure will be applied until the Board of Directors of the ATAVI, after hearing the opinion of its Technical Committee, decides that there will be a margin of safety to draw any positive conclusions in order to no longer require the test to the children of parents who are both CLEAR / NORMAL.

D) It requires that the biological sample is made by a veterinarian to ensure that the value of official has expired since the first operation. In order to withdraw from the veterinarian of the biological sample and send to the lab, the ATAVI for uniformity of documentation has prepared a form which can be downloaded from the official website or the ATAVI requested the Secretary.
Item 2
The list of veterinarians is related only to eye exams optional (also mandatory only for obtaining the status of "Selected Player ENCI" released by the ENCI itself). This list is updated by the responsible veterinary organizations.

Item 3
When the ATAVI have signed contracts to reduce costs will give timely notice to the Shareholders.

Item 4
A) Being a member of the ATAVI entails the consequent automatic subscription to the Code of Ethics on the rules laid down in the Protocol of the couplings PLL.

B) will be considered Typical, "Standard" subjects useful breeding all qualified persons "Excellent" at the annual gathering organized directly by the ATAVI from 2013. Until the 2013 annual meeting the transitional rule applies where all the CARRIER may be coupled (of course only with CLEAR / NORMAL).

C) The Protocol PLL with the Code of Conduct contained therein will be applied in foreign countries participating all UMAVI accordance with the procedures adopted by each country clubs or the relevant Junior President following the procedures of the relevant national canine body, with the time needed in each country.

D) The Typical, "Standard" subjects useful breeding owned by residents abroad will be recognized in such a gathering in each country equivalent to the annual gathering of Italian or according to another mode decided by each country clubs or by their President Junior, provided with the 'approval of both the Board of Directors that the Board of Directors of the UMAVI and the ATAVI.  

E) A person is not recommended as breeding CARRIER useful player if, taking into account that the law of inheritance is 50%, in its descent CARRIER you will be subject to the extent of 70% calculated on a minimum number of ten (10) sons. The ATAVI may decide not recommended to put into play all CARRIER when circumstances permit both quantitative and qualitative.
F) The member who does not follow the protocol and the PLL does not respect its Code of Ethics will undergo one of the following disciplinary sanctions in order of severity:

1) recall;

2) the precautionary suspension (as long as you do not adapt, with a maximum of 6 [six] months);

3) expulsion.

A member suspended as a precautionary measure may not exercise their social rights during the period in which it is suspended.

To the expelled member is covered by the relevant provisions of the Bylaws ATAVI.
The "Implementation Rules" of the Protocol PLL, as the protocol itself, will have to be implemented and adopted, with adjustments for each country, from every club President or Junior Vice President of the UMAVI.
The Board of Directors of the ATAVI, after hearing the opinion of its Technical Committee, may modify both the Protocol concerning the PLL Implementation Rules intervene whenever objective scientific updates.
The ATAVI will ensure that the Protocol is implemented PLL with the ENCI and its DNA testing is required between the requirements for obtaining the title of "Selected Player ENCI." 

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